13312603_10208867641345113_7934121532980459259_n       Greetings! My name is Rachel and welcome to AwesomeSauce365 – working to bring you awesome-sauce recipes, 365 days a year! (Maybe not right away – but eventually we’ll get up to 365!)

I believe that cooking should be more that getting food onto a plate. In that awkward twenties stage of post-college but pre-career success, it’s still possible to make wonderfully delicious food without breaking your budget.  Even better – it can be exciting food that you actually look forward to eating. You don’t have to stick to the same chicken and rice recipe every night to save some cash. We’re going to zest up that chicken – but more on that later.

Another point about cooking – I firmly believe it should be a dance party! Don’t waste your valuable time on a recipe that bores you. When cooking feels like a chore, we end up with dull food. What a wasted opportunity! As a city-living, twenty-something who loves funky socks, corny greeting cards, and Friends re-runs, I’m going to be sharing my favorite recipes for putting good food on the table that fits into the realistic budget and schedule of our age group. And let’s face it – we want to eat good food and still look good. Well we’ve got that covered here too. We won’t skimp on adding cheese but we can still cut a few calories.

Cooking should be fun and should get those creative juices flowing! So pick a recipe, pick a soundtrack (I usually end up with Frankie and the 4 Seasons), and let me know how it turns out. Feel free to reach out at 365awesomesauce@gmail.com with requests or questions!